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Why would a Medium/Intuitive share content on social media about ADHD?

Why would a Medium/Intuitive share content on social media about ADHD, when I’m not a doctor or expert, and when it has nothing to do with my work or the focus of my content?

In my latest IG reel, for example, I spoke about how my ADHD is often the culprit behind my general tardiness– and for those of you that live with ADD/ADHD, you know how real this is! (And for those of you that don’t, but have to engage with those of us that do, I can assure you we don’t do this because we don’t respect your time or because we don’t care! Really! It’s a brain thing!)

For me, being a Medium/Intuitive and being human are not mutually exclusive; one does not exist without the other. In order for me to be the best Medium and human I can be, I have to be in my truth at all times. That means I have to own and accept all of which makes me human. Part of my human experience is that I live with ADHD. What does this mean for me? My brain works and processes things in a way that’s different from a “typical” brain: I may have one conversation that contains 7 mini side conversations about 9 different topics: and, I may stop taking my laundry out of the dryer to randomly paint my nails, when I suddenly decide I need to cook a package of chicken breasts… so let’s just say, my life is NEVER boring!

I may be a Medium/Intuitive with a social media page dedicated to my business of mediumship, yet you’ll find that my posts are rarely about the experience of mediumship itself. This is simply because LIFE is the experience, and mediumship is only an aspect of my life. I feel it’s most important to share the experience of being human with all of you. Stuff that I’ve had to get uncomfortable with and face in order to heal (my adult diagnosis of ADHD, my disordered thoughts/experiences around food, my divorce). While a lot of these topics can feel taboo to speak about in such a public way, I’ve come to realize that sharing what makes me human–and uncomfortable!-- releases any shame that I used to attach to it– all the while, allowing maybe even one of YOU to feel less alone on your own healing journey. And if sharing my old wounds can help someone else begin to heal their fresh ones, then I’m going to keep sharing!


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