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my story

There is nothing that fills me with a greater sense of purpose, passion, and joy than bringing the essence of Spirit through to you. It’s so meaningful for me to know that the intuitive insight I bring you may allow your light to shine more brightly as you discover your soul’s wisdom and your own Divine magic. 


The journey of self-discovery has led me to my own soul’s purpose and magic. I have to say, mediumship found me, not the other way around. I had glimpses of my connection to the Spirit world since the age of thirteen. While this was when the first signs I can remember of what some would call my “gifts” or “abilities,” appeared, it was clear as early as my toddler years that I was a “sensitive.” I would always pick up on the emotions of those around me, and often felt responsible to make others “feel better.” But these were not gifts I’d asked for, or wanted. At thirteen, all I wanted to do was fit in; and I knew if I opened myself to them, they would cause me to stand out in a way that made me uncomfortable. 


Throughout adulthood, my gifts continued to unfold and tried to get my attention. I had several visits from the deceased and many intuitive coincidences that I sort of paid attention to, but largely ignored. Yet I found that the more self-development, or “soul work” I did– the more I seemed to develop these gifts, without even trying. As I allowed myself to get uncomfortable by sitting with and understanding certain aspects of me I hadn’t yet accepted, the more I inadvertently opened my “channel” to the Spirit World. Rumi says, “the wound is the place where the light enters you”: and so it did. 


So why did mediumship “find me?” What were the conditions that allowed it all to unfold? I was still the same me, after all– an empath with a big, sensitive heart. I’ve always been one to stand up for the underdog, with a need to give a voice to the “voiceless.” I love connecting with people, hearing their stories, understanding who they are and what makes them tick. I’ve always given people the benefit of the doubt, because I believe everyone has a story and is worthy of a second chance. None of that had changed. Yet somehow, it all began to make a lot more sense. These personality traits and the way I connect with people in the living, were all a part of my mediumship and my ability to connect with those no longer living in their physical bodies. They’re part of what makes me the human I AM. 


The challenging part about being human–and being a medium–was learning to accept there are two sides to me: the shadow and the light. The ‘shadow’ are those traits I used to find shame in; the ones I’ve never been proud of or have struggled with, those I never felt comfortable allowing others to see. The ‘light’ are those traits that I’m proud of; those that allow me to feel good about myself, and am not afraid to show others. In order for my mediumship to unfold in a way that allowed me to be in the truth of who I AM, I had to learn that these two sides cannot be mutually exclusive; they must coexist. I have learned to embrace and accept all that makes me whole–both the shadow and the light. If I’m not honest with and true to myself, it makes communicating with Spirit difficult. After all, how can I expect to trust what your loved one in Spirit is telling me if I don’t fully trust, accept, and believe in myself? And how will Spirit trust I can handle the fullness of their messages for you, my Sitter, if I can’t accept the fullness of myself?


I reached a point in my life when I had to decide if I was up for the journey back to myself, my true essence, my soul. Did I have the guts to stop trying to be all the things I wasn’t, so I could be what I AM–a medium and intuitive, as well as a flawed, yet perfectly imperfect human being? Indeed! I was finally ready to get uncomfortable with being in my truth. I discovered I AM worthy, not in spite of, but because of this duality. It was when I stopped “trying” to be all the things I thought I should be, that I came to appreciate and accept who I AM. My joy lies in the opportunity my mediumship allows me to guide others on this path.


I approach my calling with humility, gratitude, and awe. It is a profound gift to have the opportunity to help you on your soul’s journey and to guide you to the peace residing within, so that you may discover your very own Soul Wisdom.

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